A Colony of Bees for Enterprise, Buzz and Thrill

Grace Jayo  -  Oct 28, 2015  -  , , ,  -  Comments Off

Today many farmers are hanging on by a thread, food supplies are threatened, and the biodiversity of the planet itself has been endangered. Honey farmers are not an exception. Bees are small but powerful enterprising insects. Their resilience and adaptability to ecological changes makes them favorable for diverse horticultural practices.

They say “deep silence is the mother of all creativity” – Sri Sri. The reason why bees thrive best in both indigenous highlands and lowlands is that they dislike disturbances. The areas are serene enough to enhance the activity of bees as they make honey and enable pollination across plants. Indigenous plants are a major source of high quality nectar and propolis. Bees are also choosy and highly attracted to sweet scent; anything chemically manufactured would destroy them. Therefore, the use of chemical pesticides by keepers and the emergence of viruses stresses the little insects to the loss of their natural habitats.




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