• Apprenticeship

    Agriculture apprenticeship is the ideal way of earning money while gaining a nationally recognized qualification (Certificate of Competence) .The practical training offered at Latia Model Farm (Isinya- Kajiado County) and in a diverse mix of collaborating farms and agribusinesses in Kenya

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  • Short Courses

    Latia offers short courses for farmers and other Agripreneurs keen on deepening knowledge and skills or learning new technologies and practices. These short courses are offered at Latia Model Farm but could also be carried out onsite at clients’ farms and agribusinesses

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  • Agripreneurship program

    The farmer is taken through a 12 days Agripreneurship learning series covered in three to four sessions over a three month period. The training is designed to improve the farmers key business competences and allow him/her to combine his/her functions as an entrepreneur, manager, and craftsman or woman successfully.

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  • Services for development agencies

    Latia partners with development agencies in provision of training and services to small holder farmers and pastoralists. Small holder farmers and pastoralists are struggling to adapt to rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns and other effects of the global climate change.

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  • Business Support Services

    Latia also offers several support services to farmers and other Agripreneurs to improve productivity and overall business performance. These services are particularly useful to part-time farmers (“Telephone Farmers”) keen on staying in farming without having to commit all their time to it and especially when farm’s income cannot justify their fulltime employment. These services include:

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