Short Courses & Farm Visits | Short courses & Farm visits

Latia offers short courses & farm visits as consultations to farmers and other Agripreneurs keen on deepening knowledge and skills or learning new technologies and practices. These short courses are offered at Latia Model Farm but could also be carried out onsite at clients’ farms and agribusinesses. The courses cover topics in production, marketing, value addition, labour management, farm financial management, agribusiness investments planning and analysis, certification etc.

Participants of the smart poultry training Modules in Horticulture include:

Vegetable & Fruits

Modules in Livestock include:

Dairy, Poultry, Rabbit, Pig, Bee

One day visit on all the mixed-farm model units costs KES 1500 per person.


Participants undergo intensive learning during farm visits at Latia farm.

Participants undergo intensive learning during farm visits & short courses at Latia farm.

To reach more youth Latia is currently developing an online training portal which will have both web and mobile phone capabilities. The portal will allow the large number of youth interested in Agribusiness to easily and conveniently acquire current information on production and markets at a click of a button. The high levels of mobile phone penetration and the rapidly growing access to internet in Kenya makes the online training portal a viable tool for reaching large numbers of young Agripreneurs without having to make huge investments in physical training infrastructure.

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