Story of Latia | Social enterprise in Agriculture

Latia Resource Center Ltd. (Latia) is a social enterprise in agriculture. It was established by Faraja Trust in Kenya to enhance capacity building in food production.

The Center provides training and business support services to farmers, pastoralists and agribusinesses in Africa. Faraja Trust holds the view that the modernization of agriculture and improvement in food security in Africa can be greatly facilitated by effective training, adequate dissemination of knowledge and provision of business support services to farmers, pastoralists and Agribusinesses.

Latia, a Maasai term for ‘good neighbour’.

In 2007 the Trust started Latia as an agricultural education project on a 60-acre Faraja farm at Isinya in Kajiado County. In 2011 the Resource Center was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, the Trust being the majority shareholder.  It is operated on sound business principles and runs programs that create positive impact in the lives of farmers, pastoralists and agribusinesses while generating adequate revenue to be commercially viable and sustainable.

Training Facilities and Business Support Services

Training in Agribusiness being the key component, Latia includes:-

  1. Mixed model farm for commercial production and demonstration.
  2. Conference facilities for workshops, lectures and other investment meetings.


Our Mission:
To empower small and medium Agripreneurs through practical training in model enterprises and provision of services to  stimulate employment and sustainable economic growth.
Our Vision:
To be the center of excellence in the development and provision of agripreneurship training and services in Africa.
Connect with us
For information on Services at Latia as a social enterprise in agriculture https://latiaresourcecenter.org/?page_id=55

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