Enroll for the On-site Incubation Project | Enroll for the Onsite-Incubation Project

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Head Hunting services

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One of the biggest headache facing farms and agribusinesses in Kenya today is getting properly skilled operators and managers at all levels who can run the investments sufficiently and in a sustainable manner. Latia Resource Center through our apprenticeship program has helped to large extent bridge this gap. Following many requests from our clients, we want to go a step further and offer as a service, headhunting for suitable farm/agribusiness employees at all levels.
For more info, contact us on 0723979773 or [email protected]Latia Resource Center Ltd.

Latia Resource Center Ltd.

Pig Farming Training

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Next Pig Farming training:

On 29th October, 2016 at Latia Resource Center Ltd. in Isinya, Kajiado County.

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This training targets small and medium enterprise (SME) farmers to improve overall income through higher productivity and access to reliable markets. The project has several components including:

  1. Investors seminar that exposes farmers to economics of pig farming including investment cost, production variables, marketing and value addition
  2. An in-depth short course on the technical and production issues in the pig rearing from breeding to slaughter.
  3. A package of business development training including advice on construction and installation of the farm, staff hiring and training, stocking, supply of specialized inputs, Vet services, marketing etc.

The short course covers technical and production topics as follows:-

  • Housing design & structure
  • Breeding design & plan
  • Feeding per category
  • Reporting and Diagnosis of diseases & disorders
  • Record keeping & Reporting
  • Routine farm procedures
  • Key performance indicators
  • Gross margin analysis

Networking Forum

Overall, the workshop will provide a networking platform for SME farmers and livestock specialists.  Each participant gets the opportunity to be heard by others as they share challenges, explore innovative techniques and exchange ideas on best practices.  To enrich the program, facilitators and practitioners are drawn from dealers in the Pig chain, including a veterinary doctor.

Travel, Tuition and Accommodation

Commuting Participants

Training fee is 3,000 Ksh and includes: tuition, course materials, two teas/coffee and lunches.


Accommodation fee is at least 1,000 Ksh for B&B. Please let us know if you’d wish to spend the night at/near Isinya. 

Payment of Fees

Cash, Bank Transfer or MPESA till number 419319 – call or text +254716431054 || send an email to [email protected]


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