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Agriculture Apprenticeship is an annual program at Latia for the youth. An ideal way of learning while working at a farm enterprise. Participants attain a Certificate of Competence. The practical training is offered at the Latia model farm in Isinya, Kajiado County and later in a diverse mix of collaborating farm enterprises and other agribusinesses in Kenya.

Giving youth know-how & practical skills for gainful employment in Agriculture. Duration: 6 months (January–June) or (July–December)

The course is delivered in a modular system.  Apprentices spend only 30% of their time in lectures gaining theoretical concepts and the remaining 70% is spent working in the model agri-enterprises at Latia to gain skills and experience in their operations and management. The training content and methodology are constantly aligned to the current needs of the market with a strong focus on Agripreneurship to strengthen the link between training, modern needs of the farming sector and the overall agribusiness industry. Apprenticeship covers mixed farm use in Horticulture.

Job Placements and Business Support after training

Successful graduates of this program are assisted to get formal employment if they choose to seek it. Those who choose self-employment or incubation learn how to develop viable business plans and are linked to financial institutions, as well as, markets.

The program is targeted for youth who have completed secondary and/or post-secondary education and are aspiring to gain formal or self-employment as Farm Operators and Agripreneurs.

Apprentices in our computer lab

Apprentices learning ICT in Agripreneurship

Entry requirements for the course:

  • Demonstrate interest in Agribusiness
  • Have completed secondary education or post-secondary training. Applicants with relevant prior experience of 5+ years will be considered
  • Be above 18 years of age
  • Be available for the entire training period

Facts about Latia Agriculture Apprenticeship

Competencies acquired: Establishing and operating an agricultural enterprise; Value addition of farm produce; Preparing and using farm records; Managing finances and risks in an agricultural enterprise; Agripreneurship through marketing and communication technology, health & safety, farm machinery use and maintenance.

Location: Latia Resource Center Ltd.; 1.5km along Pipeline Rd. from Isinya to Kiserian town in Kajiado County

Course Duration: January to June (6 months), or, July to December (6months) each Year.

Job placement and close monitoring is done for an additional six (6) months.

Course Cost: Ksh. 100,000; as an Apprentice you will be paid a stipend on casual work done, allowing you to earn back most of the fees paid.

Scholarships: There are reserved scholarships for exceptionally talented but underprivileged youth.