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The Agripreneurs Incubation Program aims at equipping new or existing small and medium commercial farmers in Africa with entrepreneurial competencies required to succeed in agribusiness. This program is tailored for ‘telephone farmers’ (part-time farm owners with a will to invest commercially but majorly rely on farm operators and extension workers).

The overall obLatia Resource Center Ltd.jective is to improve profitability and sustainability. Participants acquire relevant skills and knowledge, increase confidence and entrepreneurial abilities, as well as, improve turnover, productivity and profits.

The program has two components i.e.

  1. Practical training at Latia

Participants are taken through Agribusiness Modelling learning series. The training is designed to improve key business competences; and, combine functions of an entrepreneur, farmer, operator, and crafts-person successfully. Based on an action-learning approach, it is hands-on with practical exercises focused on individual development being completed throughout.

The participant is exposed to relevant case studies, role plays and practical examples. S/he is provided with worksheets and activities to help him/her apply the training content and to build up his/her farm business models. The participant is encouraged to develop an individual action plan to ultimately apply the new skills in the enterprise. While trainers enable learning, peer-to-peer feedback and input is strongly encouraged.

Fertilizer and Irrigation

Farm operations on input such as fertigation is important for agricultural value chains

Some of the key topics Agripreneurs cover during the business planning training include:

  • Enterprise Planning on farm Operations
  • Application of value chain tools in Agripreneurship
  • Marketing and sales of  agricultural produce
  • Preparation and use of farm & financial records
  • Managing regulations, finances and risks
  • Integrating ICT & research in Agripreneurship

2. Business Support Services

Consultancy on implementation of farm enterprise plans lasts for a period & cost agreed with the farmer. The coaches are skilled and have good experience as entrepreneur-farmers and agribusiness professionals. They impart knowledge and skills, offer guidance and moral support, as well as, assist in developing sustainable production methods. This ranges from impactful financing to marketing & operation skills.

This includes visits to the farm enterprise, advice, farm layout set-ups like irrigation, infrastructure, crop husbandry, livestock husbandry, pest and disease management.

We encourage ongoing one-on-one communication with the farmer on a regular basis.

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