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Latia partners with development agencies to implement agri-related projects in the provision of training and services to SME farmers and pastoralists. SME farmers and pastoralists are struggling to adapt to rising temperatures, erratic rainfall patterns and other effects of the global climate change.

Without support from governments, development agencies and the private sector many of these farmers and pastoralists risk being completely overwhelmed by the pace and severity of climate change. Latia’s core-business of training and the implementation of projects is geared towards providing tools and the know-how necessary to adapt farming practices to ensure resilience in the face of climatic change. The ultimate goal is to grow the ability of farmers and pastoralists to employ climate-smart technologies and to unlock the enormous potential for SME-led agricultural growth in Africa. Latia projects aim to develop and empower agripreneurs.

Some of the Climate-smart technologies that Latia promotes include:

  • Rainwater harvesting and storage
  • Renewable energy – solar dryers, solar pumps, solar lamps
  • Bio-energy for kitchen use
  • Energy saving cooking systems
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Greenhouse vegetable farming (basic & automated)
  • Mechanization on small farms (energy-efficient machinery)
  • Fodder and Feeds production
  • Organic fertilizer (Composting systems)
  • Agro-forestry and Bio-diversity
  • Value-addition and Storage
Rainwater harvesting in ferrocement tanks

Rainwater harvesting in ferrocement tanks

Mechanization and Greenhouse vegetable production

Mechanization and Greenhouse vegetable production

Bee-keeping in apiaries and biodiversity

Bee-keeping in apiaries, Agro-forestry and Biodiversity